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It will be devoted to Computer Graphics based on Shader and Game Programming using HLSL code and DarkBASIC Professional.










This 256x256 bitmap image

was created in DarkBASIC

using the fractal

diamond-square” algorithm.















“Magic Clouds”







This is a screenshot of a simple cube with a bump and horizon mapping shader applied to it. The “bumps” are self-shadowing using a volume texture.


The demo was created in DarkBASIC and is running on a Pentium III/930MHz PC with an NVidia GeForce FX 5200 graphics card.


The fps is about 42 with a screen resolution of 1024x768



















“Little Bumps”






Another screenshot of the same shader.


















“Twelve Ridges”






Yet another screenshot.


The shader uses 5 images:


- main color image

- normal map

- horizon map

- light look-up table

- arctan look-up table


















“One Bump”





This screenshot shows dynamic mist, smoke or fog applied to a scene. The spheres in the scene are bump-mapped and are randomly placed in a wooden box.


The “steam” effect is achieved using a shader applied to each object and continually changes. The varying density of the steam is achieved using the “Magic Clouds” image as a source of noise.


The scene is best viewed in real time so you see the steam drifting up.


















“Steam Room”





This sequence of screenshots shows four bump-mapped cubes.


The base texture is a uniform blue-grey colour and the normal map is derived from a Perlin 2D noise texture.























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Updated 25 July 2008.